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FAIR'S Easy Read service

The quality of life for many people with learning disabilities is reduced because they don’t have access to information they can understand. This can also be true for young people, those with limited reading skills, and people who do not speak English as their first language.

The Equality Act:
Public authorities have a duty to promote equality and eliminate discrimination. This means they have a duty to provide accessible information.

FAIR Ltd (The Family Advice & Information Resource) has over 20 years of experience as providers of accessible information. We produce Easy Read materials on subjects like health, benefits, and changes to the law. We use simple language and clear illustrations to make information easier to understand.

We have produced Easy Read materials for

We can help make your information output accessible to people with learning disabilities and their carers.

To discuss the best way to help get your message across and for a free quote, contact:

Paul Mudie
Graphic Artist & Communications Coordinator
Tel 0131 662 1962
Email Paul@fairadvice.org.uk