FAIR’s website is currently under review. All information might not be up to date.
FAIR is still open for business so please contact us for more information.

Information and Advice

FAIR’s advice workers can help you with benefit issues and money management:

·         claiming new benefits

·         re-applying for benefits

·         help with benefit changes

·         filling in forms

·         supporting you through the whole process of assessment

·         budgeting – managing how you spend your money

·         getting you help to pay bills

·         helping you to get advice on debt

·         opening bank accounts and savings accounts

·         we can refer you on to other support organisations


Get in touch and have a chat with one of our advice workers, to find out how we can help you!

Contact us on 0131 662 1962.

We have FREE INFORMATION GUIDES you can download to help you access information and services. These include guides to leisure activities, education and work.

Alternative Formats - We are happy to provide information in alternative formats on request. Please call 0131 662 1962 or email fair@fairadvice.org.uk to find out more.